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The jewel of French electro-acoustics in the 60s and 70s, Elipson is a pioneer in the field of sound and audio design. It’s the absolute standard.

Created in 1938, in 1951 the Multi-moteur company became Elipson, under the guidance of Joseph Léon. It was a brand first targeting professional users, but Elipson branched out to all types of major innovative projects.

Fortified by its professional recognition, Elipson launched itself into new territories and sought to bring the same esthetic and technological perfection to speakers meant for the broader public. It was the beginning of an adventure in sphere-shaped speakers that brought the company great success. The choice of a round component, a natural shape for the speaker function, became a «must» over time. With their futuristic and charming design, they became an emblem of the dynamic arrival of French interior design in the 60s and 70s.

Throughout those two decades, speakers conceived and designed by Elipson became an everyday feature in the lives of French people, and they were standard equipment in many radio and television stations across the country. Claude François’ first steps were captured through Elipson speakers, and the inaugural speech delivered by General de Gaulle at the Maison de la Radio was rebroadcast by the legendary bs 50 speakers. As for Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, he presented the 8 o’clock news report with 1970s Elipson speakers to his right and left.

In 2008, a young entrepreneur named Philippe Carré was smitten with the brand, and he purchased the company. He wanted to revive the avant-garde design and audio perfection that made Elipson a success. In 2009, he asked the designer Jean-Yves Le Porcher to join him as creative director. Together they created a new collection that restored nobility to the Elipson products thanks to the incomparable sound quality emanating from within the contours and materials of today, so they easily fit into today’s world. With every purchase, these speakers are capturing hearts and revealing their true quality, thereby becoming showpieces in home furnishing.