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Equipment repair registration

  1. To register equipment for repair in Service Center begin with completing the following Service Form.
  2. The recommended method of reporting equipment for repair is to request assistance at the point of sale in which the equipment was purchased.
  3. If the equipment cannot be registered for repair through the point of sale, it can be done by contacting Service Center directly.
  4. It is recommended to deliver the equipment for repair in its original shipping packaging.
    If there is no shipping packaging, the risk of damage during transport is borne by the claimant.
  5. Upon prior contact with the Service Center or Authorized Point of Sale, the product to be repaired can be collected from you free of charge by a courier company. Should you have any questions related to the complaint procedure or shipment, please contact the hotline
    22 331 55 33
  6. Products intended for post-warranty repair are delivered by the Customer at his own cost.
  7. Shipments addressed directly to the Service Center should be sent or delivered to the following address: SERVICEU, 02-873 Warszawa, ul. Kurantów 34.

Note! Before sending the product, please make sure that a copy of the proof of purchase has been enclosed to the equipment. Enclosing the original warranty card is also recommended.


02-873 Warszawa
ul. Kurantów 34
tel. 22 331 55 33